Guest Posts/Third-Party Content
BornForAdventure only allows guest posts A) by invitation or B) from people we know and have interacted with in comments, social media or other sites. No exceptions.

We do allow sponsored content, though. See the Advertising section for details. it’s right below, so you’re not far away.

We publish sponsored posts, but prefer to work with the client to create the content rather than taking submitted content. We accept content from outside writers only if the content is good. We can also create something just for you. We also offer display ads. Prices vary by size and duration.

Feel free to pitch a story about your client. But please, only pitch ideas that fit our niche or at least our sense of humor. (No golf!)

Product Reviews
We love outdoor products of all sorts, plus airlines. We’re happy to check out what you offer and give readers an honest opinion. Just so we’re clear: Free stuff doesn’t equal a favorable opinion. Our credibility depends on telling the truth.


I need your advice and thoughts - pitch in!