Adventurous Baby
Our founder on the foggiest day ever in Phoenix. She was just about 6 weeks old.

This site is about an adventurous person in the making. Before Anneka was born in the final days of 2014, we saw incredible places around the world. And we look forward to taking her to the places we went, and going to new places as a family. We want to open her to experiences that are real – and show that a childhood full of wonder doesn’t necessarily mean theme parks.

Obviously, Anneka is still too young to write content for this site. So we’ll post about her adventures through our perspective as her parents. We look forward to the day that she takes over from us (maybe she’ll still like us enough to let us be guest bloggers now and then … probably after her teenage years) and makes this site her own.

This site isn’t just about Anneka, though – it’s also for like-minded parents. If you have some advice to throw our way, feel free to share. If you need some ideas, we hope you find something valuable here!



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