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Feeding Time Equals Fun

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“Bring me all.the.fooooodz!”

My favorite everyday part of being a dad is feeding time. Anneka is a lot of fun when she eats. Her expressions and body language are comedy gold.

Here’s how it usually goes down:

First Bite – She’s usually not in the mood to start eating; I have to smear a bit of food on her lower lip. She’ll then chew on that, and get a surprised, borderline disgusted look on her face until she swallows. Then, she’s ready to go!

Bites #2 through 20 – By this point, Anneka is revved up about eating. She’ll lean forward toward the spoon, and even try to grab it. The bites get progressively bigger. Between some bites, she’ll try to stick her foot in her mouth; we guess this is some sort of baby palette cleanser. She will make some happy noises along the way.

#21 through 25 – And we’re just about done. Right around this point, Anneka will wag her head around to avoid the spoon.

In addition to the usual baby food choices, we’re also had her try Greek yogurt and even some of my own smoked salmon (we mixed it with some sweet potato puree, which was a winning combination for her).

I will really miss these days when Anneka is able to feed herself. That’s a surprise – I really didn’t expect to feel that way.

On the other hand, I also notice that some of the baby foods seem to point kids toward more adventurous tastes. We’ve found apple/mint blends, coconut/pumpkin curry blends (see the video to watch how much she loves that) and various other ethnic-laced baby foods.

Plum Organics seems to dominate Anneka’s list of favorite foods. There ingredients and flavors should make it a lot easier when I try to get her to eat hákarl and other crazy foods from around the world!


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