Lit by an MPOWERD Luci!

This page is for businesses, products and services that we love. To get a link on this page, we need to use your product. In some cases, we bought something and loved it so much that we linked to it here. In other cases, we received a product for review … and loved it so much that we linked to it here. Sorry, but we won’t link to you just because you ask nicely. You have to be really good at what you do to get listed and linked.

Lamaze – The makers of Anneka’s first favorite toy and constant companion. It is possibly the coolest, most-psychedelic moose ever!

REI Kingdom 4
Late afternoon up in the Rom Country, relaxing in the REI Kingdom 4.

MPOWERD – This company makes Luci, the coolest lantern you’ve ever seen. It’s inexpensive, inflatable AND solar powered, and we use ours for camping, hanging around on the patio, baby photo shoots, even plumbing and middle-of-the-night baby feedings! Oh, and you can also donate a LUCI or three to people in parts of the world that don’t have reliable power.

Plum Organics – These fine people added some spice to our little person’s diet. She’s pretty nuts about their products.

REI – It’s really hard to not support this great outdoor co-op. Yes, it’s a big organization, and I try really hard to buy local. But REI is just too good to ignore … from customer service to selection to price to benefits. Their Kingdom 4 tent is one of our favorite products.



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