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Thoughts About Packing and Traveling

Thoughts About Packing and Traveling
Alpine Coaster Trapper Slider, Fort Fun Abente...
Alpine Coaster Trapper Slider, Fort Fun Abenteuerland, Germany (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’re packing for Germany! Just the thought of gathering our thoughts about what to stuff into our backpacks amps the energy in the house up – noticeably and positively. We’re thinking about alpine coasters, Schwäbisch Hall, Belgian beers, seeing my family, dropping in on old friends and all that smile-inducing stuff that is the reward for working hard.

As we’re comparing the temperatures in October in Germany to ours, we’re realizing that we’re short on chilly-weather clothes for Anneka; at just short of 9 months, she already mistaken for a 1-year-old often. We have lots of garments that would be perfect for chilly weather, compliments of people we know on the east coast.

baby with stuffed dog
Stuffed dogs are great toys for babies – but traveling with big stuffed animals is for the birds.

But here’s the facepalmy part – they didn’t really consider when she’d need it. She’s outgrown virtually all of it without ever getting a chance to wear it.

This leads me to a great piece of advice for you well-meaning relatives out there: Put some thought into where the recipient of your gift lives, when s/he was born and also the size of the little person in question. And always remember that, just because it’s chilly at night where you live even in the summer, that doesn’t mean the little person doesn’t live somewhere that’s hot enough to melt a brass monkey – even at 10 p.m. (Maybe gaining control over her body during the summer is what makes Anneka such a tremendous bath aficionado.)

Oh, hey – here’s another piece of advice: When the latest BabyPerson in your family flies out with the parents to visit you, keep something in mind: Any gifts you give them have to fly back with them. Gigantic stuffed animals constitute a giant pain in the butt, just to give one example. Parents who travel with BabyPerson to see you will appreciate you just sending something to their house rather than giving them something to take back home with them – every single solitary little bit counts in the scrum when you’re trying to get through a security checkpoint with a stroller and someone who is not self-loading cargo like the rest of us.

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