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First Blood – The Baby Faceplant

First Blood – The Baby Faceplant

1-DSCF3581Well, it happened – it was inevitable: Anneka did a faceplant on the tile floor and gave herself a bloody nose. This of course made Sarah and I feel like heels … but it’s really part of growing up. Even understanding that, we both still felt terrible.

Well, until 10 minutes later when the bleeding was a memory and Anneka was smiling and gesticulating and clapping again. Even more importantly, she crawl-scooted (her crawl looks like the same movement as a fiddler crab) right past The Spot where she had her accident. No hesitation.

This made me wonder a few things:

  • Did she forget where it happened?
  • Does she accept some painful bits as part of life?
  • Is she inherently fearless?
  • Is she just that confident that mom and dad have her back?

One of the most-interesting parts of watching her grow is wondering exactly she understands and remembers. How abstractly can she think? Can she have dreams and nightmares, and what on earth could they possibly be about? How long does she remember something?

Whatever the answers are, I’m glad she can have a bad experience and bounce back to normal long before her parents do!

What about you? What are some early painful memories from your childhood? I remember falling in a pool and getting the shit bit out of me by a llhasa apso (still have scars on my arms).


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