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When Babies Get Fun


anneka computerYou know what’s a lot of fun? Watching Anneka interact more with her world. During those early infant days, babies just loll about in their bassinets and strollers. But once they get some strength, motor control and awareness … that’s when things get fun.

Sarah and I share daycare drop-off duties. That’s where we both get to see how much Anneka has changed. I’ve walked into the room many times with her recently and noticed how the other kids who are moving around seem excited to see her; we’ll put her on the playmat, and the mobile kids will crawl toward her. They all smile at each other, and everybody seems happy. It’s a wonderful thing to see. This is all happening along with teething, which isn’t really fun. But it definitely balances out the challenges.

anneka aerobicThere’s one little boy who seems particularly fascinated by Anneka. The staff tells me he likes to hold her hand when they eat sitting next to each other. That’s just ridiculous. (The little boy in question cracks me up … he has a sweet, Charlie Brown earnestness about him, but without the constant air of impending doom.) Every time I walk in with her, he perks up and can’t wait to hang out with her.

I guess I need to digress for a moment on daycare: It’s not easy to have two working parents, but the economic realities of the day – for most of us, anyway – just don’t allow the possibility of a stay-at-home parent. And I think that’s actually healthy. Anneka is interacting every single school day with little people her age. She’s interacting with other caregiving adults. I think this makes her more adaptable. She’ll be more ready for new experiences than I was. Going to kindergarten will be a lot less intimidating … same with traveling and experiencing anything new, really.

But even if you don’t have to go the day care route – if you’re a new parent, you’re going to have a great time watching your little person become more aware of the world.


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