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The List of Baby Milestones

The List of Baby Milestones
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  1. O.H.S.O. Eatery + nanoBrewery
    Attraction in Phoenix Arizona

    4900 E Indian School Rd
    Phoenix Arizona
  2. Baltimore

  3. Pig & Pickle
    Restaurant in Maricopa County Arizona

    2922 N Hayden Rd
    Maricopa County Arizona
    (480) 990-1407
baby milestones
The first passport photo of a future international football ticket mule?

It’s really easy to disappear into the list of baby milestones. There’s probably a “first” of some sort every day. And some people love to find the magic in the mundane.

I’m not one of them.

But Anneka has hit a few milestones I’d like to call out. Here are some fun firsts with you, along with her age at the time.

  • First Animal Encounter – A friendly dog at a O.H.S.O. Eatery + nanoBrewery. She loved it. (About 3 months old)
  • First Flight – Phoenix Sky Harbor to Baltimore, US Airways (3 months)
  • Soccer Game – Arizona United versus Timbers FC 2. United lost. Of course. (4 months)
  • Hockey Game – Arizona Coyotes versus Anaheim Ducks. The Coyotes lost. Of course. Hmm, I sense a pattern. (4 months)
  • First Tooth – A pair of lower front teeth popping out at the same time. (5 months)
  • First Beach Visit – Carlsbad, Calif. (6 months)
  • First Passport – It’s on the way! (7 months)
Baby milestones
This is the day Anneka saw the ocean for the first time.

Anneka has also eaten solid foods – just recently, she sampled polenta at Pig & Pickle, one of our favorite spots in Scottsdale. She gamely took her first bite, and got this hugely skeptical look on her face; it was a pretty rich polenta, with some herbs and definitely a decent amount of butter in it. She took a second bite, but we didn’t give her anymore since it was a bit rich – best to let her work her way up slowly. A few days later, she also ate some of my grilled salmon. She preferred it mixed up with a bit of pureed sweet potatoes.

She has virtually banished the use of a pacifier. She started daycare and makes all sorts of sounds that are clearly the precursors to speech. She still hasn’t crawled, but she’s making some motions toward it. The funny thing is, she is making some attempts to pull herself into a standing position.

I don’t remember the exact dates, but Anneka’s first smile and first real laugh were about as delightful an experience as you can imagine.

As for upcoming milestones, she’ll be 9 months old when she takes her first trip abroad. That will take her to Europe. (Great – now I have “The Final Countdown” stuck in my head.)



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