Welcome to The Born Adventurer

Welcome to The Born Adventurer
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Our founder, happy as usual.

Just in case you didn’t visit the About page yet, this site is about an adventurous person in the making. That person is Anneka, who was born in the closing days of 2014.

I’m Justin, her dad. I start blogging as a way to keep track of my adventures. This was back in 2008 after visiting Australia with Sarah, my wife. I think it makes sense to do the same for Anneka; she’ll be able to take over this site once she develops her love for writing and adventure. For now, Sarah and I will be the writers.

Before Anneka joined us, Sarah and I traveled from New Zealand to Norway. We’ve run races in several countries, and I’ve made a point of eating everything someone cared to put in front of me. I admit that I harbored a lot of worries that those days were over, but I guess they’ve just changed. We have a chance to pass along our interest in seeing the world to our little person.

hike korea
A rare photo of your editorial team with both of them in the frame.

Anneka will have many “firsts” in the coming weeks, months and years. Obviously, she’ll share many of these first with many other kids just like her. Some, though, will be a bit different. Or they’ll come early. Like her first camping trip – she was just 4 months old and camping like a champ (that’ll be the subject of an upcoming post).

She’s also experienced her first flights – a round-trip transcontinental journey on US Airways. I’m not gonna lie: I was nervous and fearful that I’d have a howling infant on my hands for four hours, and I’d be That Guy on the airplane. People who sat next to me gave me that “ugh, a baby” look as they buckled up. Within an hour, they were more like “yay, a baby!” Anneka fell asleep shortly after takeoff on both flights, waking occasionally to coo and flail her limbs before falling asleep again. She charmed the hell out of our seatmates and flight attendants.

One of my co-workers had an explanation: “She probably knew you’d exile her if she wasn’t a good flier!”

adventurous babies
Our little person at 3 months old on her first transcontinental flight.

So, here’s kind of how we are with Anneka, and how she is with us: The day Sarah and Anneka were released from the hospital, we made a brief stop at home before going to a Japanese ramen shop. The next day, we had her at the coffee shop. She has been in Vietnamese, Korean and Thai restaurants. The people at our favorite local restaurants, coffeehouses and craft beer hangouts know her by name. She’s been sleeping for eight hours-plus a night since she was about two months old. We’ve taken her to arboretums, hockey games … you name it. She gawks at everything, and smiles and flails most of the time she’s awake (aside from The Gassy Hour after dinner, where she was unhappy until she released a series of epic burps and often a hefty emission from The Mustard Factory). She started daycare with nary a whimper or whine – she smiles at the staff when we drop her off, and she grins at us when we pick her up.

To recap, we run around everywhere with her. She sleeps well. She’s happy. I think there’s a connection.

I hope you’ll stick with us for future posts. We’re scheming and planning to give this little bug an interesting life! If you think like we do, we welcome you thoughts and advice.


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