First International Trip Update

First International Trip Update
First international Trip
That’s me on the right, if you can possibly imagine that!

Tomorrow, Anneka is going to City Hall! We’re going to get her passport application going. Just consider – exactly 7 months ago, she was getting air and calories via the umbilical cord.

Now, a first international trip is the sort of milestone that makes Dad get a bit verklempt. I’ve noticed a lot of new dads doing monthly photos, complete with ribbons and big cardboard numbers. I dunno. It’s just not my style. But making a big deal of little girl’s passport – that sort of thing is absolutely my bag. Just wait until the first stamp goes in it!

adventurous babies
Our little person at 3 months old on her first transcontinental flight.

Anneka will board at the ripe ol’ age of 9 months. I know she won’t remember this trip whatsoever. But I’m going to take all sorts of photos so that one day she can look back on this. I also hope that travel becomes part of her DNA, that hearing other language and eating whatever is in front of her just becomes what she does.

By the way, my first international trip was also to Germany. To Frankfurt. On Lufthansa. On a 747. I’m happy there is no smoking section on this 747, nor has there ever been! (Misty-eyed nostalgics love to yap about the Golden Age of Travel, but they forget you couldn’t see the gold through the nicotine stains and the fug hanging in the air.) I haven’t been able to find a photo of me in Germany, but here’s one from my first trip to Arizona.

I was only five when I took that trip. But you’d be amazed at how much I remember – the castles, the huge mountains, all the trains, seeing where my uncle worked inĀ Stuttgart. And the food! I was already used to German food, but I wasn’t used to eating it for every meal.

Well – it’s going to be a fun and different sort of adventure. First, though, let’s get that passport and make this the first international trip of many!

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